Welcome to the volunteer shift selection page for various roles available in Amsterdam, including at the 2018 World Barista Championship and around the 2018 World of Coffee Amsterdam show

Before you begin, please read all of the information below.


How to register:

  1. Select the volunteer shifts you are interested in below.

  2. Answer the general volunteer questions.

  3. Receive an email confirming your shift, and reminder emails as the date approaches.

  4. Work your volunteer shifts at the 2018 Amsterdam show.


Anyone attending the show may volunteer for a shift. Attendees can earn a complimentary 3-Day World of Coffee Badge if they work the minimum number of volunteer hours during WoC:

  1. A total of 2 shifts if sign-up and register before April 30th, 2018.

  2. A total of 3 shifts if sign-up and register after May 1st, 2018.

Volunteers who will not reach the minimum number of shifts will receive a pass only for the day(s) they volunteer.


  • Once you select a shift it comes out of inventory and will not be available for others to choose. We are counting on you to fulfill your volunteer commitment for the shifts you select.

  • Each position has a brief role description, to help you understand what will be expected.

  • Some shifts have further details and requirements. Please make sure that you meet these requirements before selecting the shift. Requirements may be verified post-registration as required.

  • The times listed are the actual times of the volunteer commitment. You are expected to arrive onsite before your shift, so that you have enough time to find your area before your shift starts.

  • We expect you to attend your volunteer shift. Attendance will be checked onsite. You cannot share your shifts with other people.


Lead barista shifts at the espresso bar and brew bar are being reserved for SCA certified baristas. You will be asked to provide evidence of current SCA or heritage SCAA/SCAE certifications if you apply for these shifts.

Sorry, there are not any shifts available online at this time.