The Event Preference Form for 2019 Expo Instructor positions is below.

** For new instructor volunteers, this is the second form that is needed to apply for an instructor position at Expo 2019. Please answer the questions below and SUBMIT the Form in order for your instructor application process to be complete.

** For returning instructor volunteers, this Event Preference form will be linked to your previously completed instructor application. Please answer the questions below and SUBMIT the Form in order to apply for Expo 2019 Instructor positions.

Thank you for expressing an interest in being a Station Instructor in a Workshop or Coffee Skills Program course at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo.

Please read the responsibilities below to make sure you are able to fulfill this volunteer commitment before completing the application.

- Courses and Workshops will be offered Thursday, April 11th through Sunday, April 14th.
- Bilingual Station Instructors must be fluent in English and Spanish.

  • Receive and read course/workshop materials (lesson plan, station instructor responsibilities, handout).
  • Attend the online rehearsal.
  • Arrive in the classroom 1 hour before and stay 1/2 hour after the course/workshop. Stay in the classroom for the entire course/workshop.
  • Focus on your learners during the course/workshop, and give them helpful, useful, well-phrased feedback during course/workshop.
  • Refrain from teaching anything other than the course/workshop curriculum.

  • All positions are subject to approval.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. Approval is based on a number of including meeting the position requirements, expertise in the subject matter, past performance as a volunteer instructor, licenses/certificates received and the date and time application is received.
  • Approval is course/workshop specific and you only to instruct in the course/workshop for which you have been approved and scheduled. Any changes to your schedule would require further approval.
  • There is no guarantee that positions for a particular course/workshop will be available at the time of your application. You might be placed on a wait list and notified if a position becomes available.
  • If approved for a position, it is not guaranteed until your Expo registration is complete. Email approvals will include a 2019 Expo registration completion date. If your registration has not been completed by this date, SCA reserves the right to fill your station instructor position with another applicant.


Instructors can earn a complimentary 3-Day Expo Volunteer Badge by working the minimum number of hours during Expo:
  • Members: 12 hours if registered on or before February 14th; 16 hours if registered on February 15th or after
  • Non-Members: 16 hours if registered on or before February 14th; 20 hours if registered on February 15th or after
Station Instructors earn the following volunteer hours for each Course/Workshop:
  • Foundation Level Course - 12 hours
  • Intermediate Level Course - 12 hours per day
  • Introduction to Coffee - 7 hours
  • 2 hour Workshops - 5 hours
  • 3 hour Workshops - 6 hours
  • 4 hour Workshops - 7 hours
Hours earned includes actual class time as well as set-up and clean-up time and instructor rehearsals.

ALLERGEN WARNING: The Science Behind The Coffee Flavor Wheel,Crafting Seasonal Espresso Beverages, and Crafting Seasonal Cold Brew Beverages workshops require the tasting of actual foods, including, but not limited to: Nuts, peanuts, wheat and dairy. If you have a known allergy to any of these food products, you are likely to be at risk for an allergen exposure and should not apply to assist in the workshop. There is a high risk of cross-contact with the allergens, because dozens of people will be in the class. Therefore, you will be at risk for allergen exposure.

If you would like to make any edits to your volunteer application or have your volunteer profile deleted completely, please contact volunteers@sca.coffee.

Please contact volunteers@sca.coffee with any questions.

Specialty Coffee Association


April 11th - 14th, 2019
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