October 21st - 26th, 2021

Welcome to the volunteer registration page for various roles available in Milan, at the World Coffee Championships (WBC/WCTC/WBrC)!

Before you begin, please read all of the information below.


How to register:

  1. Select the volunteer shifts you are interested in below.

  2. Answer the general volunteer questions.

  3. Receive an email confirming your shift, and reminder emails as the date approaches.

  4. Work your volunteer shifts at the 2021 WCC.

Please note: we will do our best to have you working at the shift(s) you have selected. However, you might be asked to do other tasks different than what you were expecting while volunteering.


  • Once you select a shift, this will not be available for others to choose. We are counting on you to fulfil your volunteer commitment for the shifts you select.

  • Each position has a brief role description to help you understand what will be expected.

  • The times listed are the actual times of the volunteer commitment. You are expected to arrive onsite before your shift, so that you have enough time to find your area before your shift starts.

  • We expect you to attend your volunteer shift. Attendance will be checked onsite. You cannot share your shifts with other people.

Please note: you will not have to purchase an entry ticket to Host Milan on the day(s) that you are volunteering.

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Terms & Conditions

I understand and agree that:

1. I have reviewed the travel information and I am aware of the rules to enter Italy.

2. When I select a volunteer slot I am committing to work the entire time period indicated for the slot. Volunteer hours for a time slot cannot be divided between two or more volunteers.

3. If I miss a shift during the show, I will contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteers@worldcoffeeevents.org to schedule a replacement shift. There is no guarantee that another shift will be available to make up the missed hours.

4. I agree to allow WCE, SCA and its subsidiaries, vendors and the media to use the reproduction of my likeness and work product(s) for distribution in both printed and digital matter, without compensation.

5. The published volunteer schedule contains the intended events and corresponding shifts. WCE and the SCA assumes no responsibility for cancellation, rescheduling or delay of any event/shift.

6. I am at least 18 years of age.

7. I consent to receive communications and have my personal information retained and used in connection with participation in this or related to this role, request, and/or related event(s), including having information display publicly in certain necessary cases, by both World Coffee Events and its event partners, in line with the WCE Privacy Policy. This consent is necessary to enable your participation.